HCG Protocol

HCG protocol plays a vital role in reducing body weight as it was designed by Dr AT.W Simeons. One can lose extra pounds from body in quick time provided Simeons protocol is followed strictly. It is being followed by individuals as they look to lose weight in short span of time. They have found the new weight loss method which helps them in shedding off extra pounds quickly without any side effects. Dr Simeons has mentioned effective tips to reduce body weight in his book “Pounds and inches”. HCG drops are getting prominent among the obese people as it has helped many of them in shedding off extra weight from their body. HCG diet program is the most effective weight loss program and it provides the better chance to dieter to reduce body weight quickly. HCG Protocol is different from other systems to reduce weight because it corrects the procedure and the applications are unnecessary body fat was deeply in the body. As you begin to lose weight, build a new weight and through the interview, which will bring much less likely that the weight gain of function of the body will burn fat increases knows. The HCG diet plan consists of three phases, which are strictly adhered to in order to achieve results fast.

  • The first phase is known as loading phase during which dieter needs to take high calorie food. It is done in order to combat with the low calorie diet in the next two phases which are maintenance phase and stabilization phase.
  • The second phase is maintenance phase during which dieter needs to maintain 500 calorie diet throughout the day along with HCG dosage. This phase lasts for minimum 21 days but dieter can stretch it to 40 days if he or she has not achieved the goal weight. Cheating is not allowed during HCG diet as all the efforts will go in vain. Exercise is not allowed during the diet period as the body will go in starvation mode if rigorous workout is performed during the diet period.
  • The last phase is stabilization phase. This is required to be stable for the body’s metabolism. Sugar and starch rich food is strictly prohibited during the diet period.

HCG drops are also getting prevalent in Canada as people are using it upto huge extent in order to lose extra pounds from their body. They are purchase it online as well as from medical stores, shopping malls, super markets and HCG Clinics. There are many distributors who are dealing in diet drops. HCG Canada is one of the biggest wholesalers and distributors in the country and provides remarkable services to the people such as email support where people can get assistance during the diet period.